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Pedigree of:
Touch Of Razz Late Night Snack
(M) 25 Nov 2011, SE62208/2011, Red & White Country = Sweden
Kennel = Touch Of Razz
COI = 4.62%
NORDJW-07 SWE FI Ch Dipop Red Donner
08 Dec 2006
S13476/2007 (Sweden), COI=0.92%

AM SWE DK Ch Meisterhaus Tail Of Intrigue
14 Dec 2003
HP089613/03 - S19529/2006 (USA), HD=HD: Good (A-2), COI=6.97%
US Jasiri-Sukari White Collar Crime
23 Dec 2002
HP038948/02 (USA), HD=HD: Good (A-2), TH=TH: Normal, PK=PK: Normal, COI=11.48%
AM AU Jasiri-Sukari HR Pup N'Stuff
29 Nov 2001 HM988797/02 (USA), PK=PK: Normal, COI=5.70%
US Sukari-Jasiri Soda Pup
17 Dec 1999 HM873974/04 (USA), HD=HD: Good (A-2), TH=TH: Normal, PK=PK: Normal, COI=23.96%
US Undercover Bojak's Caitlan
09 Nov 1994
HM552672/01 (USA), HD=HD: Good (A-2), COI=23.21%
DC Bojak's Undercover Kojak
20 Jul 1992 HM420476/01 (USA) Sable, COI=14.81%
US Bojak Abbai Kosa Mjinga
26 Dec 1988 HD745669 (USA), COI=15.57%
Wazin Red Bonnie
11 Mar 2004
S24094/2004 (Sweden), COI=18.82%
NZ SWE Ch Wazazi Dazzling Image
18 Jun 1998
2100036904 (Australia), COI=23.25%
AUS GCh Wazazi Perfect Dazzler
15 Jun 1997 2100009390 (Australia), COI=8.29%
AUS GCh Wazazi Trybal Image
08 Jun 1989 N1054777 (Australia), COI=19.47%
FI EE RUS LT DK Ch Furahan Weusi Waridi
17 Dec 1997
S 57949/2001 (Finland) Black & White, Kennel=Furahan, COI=8.47%
INT FI S EE RUS N/DK Ch WW-98 VMR-02 VMM-02 KBHW-03 Wazazi Made of Gold
10 Jun 1996 N1620146 - FIN-44883/96 (Australia), COI=25.93%
FI SWE Ch Furahan Swala
06 Dec 1995 FIN-11350/96 (Finland) Black & White, Kennel=Furahan, COI=9.88%
Touch Of Razz Marang
06 Dec 2008
S70166/2008 (Sweden), COI=8.08%
DC Jasiri-Sukari Juri Maguire
09 Dec 1997
HM741165/01 (USA), HD=HD: Excellent (A-1), TH=TH: Normal, PK=PK: Normal, COI=17.57%
US Sukari's Spot The Target
16 Sep 1985
HD304240 (USA), PK=PK: Normal, COI=16.36%
US Djakomba's Spotlight
12 Dec 1977 HC481749 (USA), COI=31.18%
US Pendragon Sugarbabe of Kazor
13 Dec 1982 HD015864 (USA), COI=14.82%
DC Jasiri's Jurassic Bark
05 Dec 1994
HM556011/03 (USA), HD=HD: Excellent (A-1), TH=TH: Normal, PK=PK: Normal, COI=14.23%
US Sukari's Steven Spielbark DC
27 Nov 1989 HD799950 Red & White, Country=United States, Kennel=Sukari, TH=TH: Normal, PK=PK: Normal, COI=11.11%
US Jasiri's General Delivery
26 Nov 1991 HM391357/01 (USA), HD=HD: Excellent (A-1), PK=PK: Normal, COI=10.70%
SWE Ch Enigma Touch Of Magic
27 Dec 2006
S14071/2007 (Sweden), COI=11.44%

S UCH SV-05 Faraoland Viking Of Venture
24 Nov 2003
S62904/2003 (Sweden) Black & White, COI=9.26%
INT NORD CAN LUX ISL FI Ch Mandela Free Out Of Africa
15 Dec 1996 LOF 588/127 - CKC 1063199 (France) Black & White, COI=13.35%
18 Dec 1997 S 13678/98 RV (Sweden), COI=6.17%
Unique Creation Out Of Africa
03 Dec 2003
LOF 1004 (France), COI=4.65%
INT CAN S NU POL Ch Robert Redford Out Of Africa
31 Dec 2000 LOF 795 - CKC 1074435 (France), COI=8.29%
Saga Out Of Africa
09 Jan 2001 LOF 810/229 - S39060/2005 (France), COI=0.00%


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