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Hello and welcome Basenji community!

The aim of the Basenji Archive is to have an international repository of information on the Basenji from all around the world. Our goal is to assist breeding clubs, breeders, fanciers and anyone interested in the breed. The database will serve all of us, since the collected knowledge about the Basenjis, their relatives, and their ancestors, will be of great help in future breeding decisions. Over time the information will be expanded to include history and data useful to anyone who wishes to conduct further research. Please check back often as Basenjis are being added daily, and join us in our effort to build a comprehensive resource for everyone.

Preserving the past & protecting the future.

Our hope is that this will engage Basenji owners around the globe and that everyone will participate in adding information and photos of their Basenjis.

With this database here you have the opportunity to:

  • Pedigrees: Check pedigrees up to 10 generations
  • Inbreeding Coefficients: Check detailed information about the Inbreeding Coefficients
  • Health Information: Check Health Information of a Specific Basenji
  • Statistics: View Statistics of the Database
  • Countries: Check Basenjis by Country (with statistics)
  • Kennels: Check Basenjis by Kennel (with Statistics)
  • Photos: View Photos of Basenjis
  • Offspring & Vertical Pedigree: View the Offspring and Vertical Pedigree of a Basenji

The Basenji Archive is a pedigree database with currently over 100.000 entries, and growing daily. It is on of the largest database of Basenjis of all eras, from the early days to the present, and going back to the foundation Basenjis. The database shows up to ten generations on one screen, it has the ability to see dogs appearing multiple times in a pedigree, there are markers for color to trace breeding, and a multitude of search functions, including by registration number. The database is offered free of charge and without advertising. It is owned and was begun in 2010 by Guido Peters. Contributions of pedigrees of Basenjis in all countries and of all lines are welcome.